Why Club Viva?

It’s a familiar story. You joined a gym and were promised the world…

…but it didn’t happen. Instead you got “sink or swim”, left to fend for yourself in an unfamiliar and uncomfortable environment.

It didn’t feel right. You felt alienated. Gym visits stopped. Your goals went on hold. It felt like money wasted, and a wasted opportunity.

Relax. Support is what Club Viva is all about. Support from trained qualified female staff. Support and friendship from the women around you. Support for being who you want to be. Support in achieving your goals, at your pace. Because with the right support, you WILL achieve your goals – and more.

Club Viva is healthy and hassle-free environment where you can achieve your health and fitness goals in the company of like-minded women.

Call us today for a chat and find out how Club Viva can help with your goals. Or email and we’ll contact you.

Get more free with Club Viva

  • Safe, friendly Women-only environment
  • 6 personalised training programs per year, including a complete health check, weigh and measure
  • Trained professional staff to support you, and keep you on track
  • Group training classes each week with your membership, including popular classes like Yoga, KO Boxfit, Circuit
  • Freedom to choose how you exercise – just classes, just equipment, or everything
  • After hours access to the gym
  • Busy with life? Use our fabulous changing room/shower facilities and vanity room
  • No stress parking
  • Sauna
  • Flexible membership options