Lady Lift

These weight training exercises will sculpt, tone and strengthen your entire body! Get with Pump and tone, and burn fat, gain strength and produce muscle-up in no time.
Class Times

Monday 5:30pm

Thursday 10:30am


Fit Ball Combo

A cross training class consisting of all different training styles to challenge your body, using the swiss ball, step, aerobics, dynabands, barbells and dumbbells. Suitable for all fitness levels.
Class Times

Monday 6:15am

Monday 9:15am


KO Boxfit

Free standing punch bags with no co-ordination necessary and it offers a fantastic workout where results are guaranteed. Punch and kick your way to a beautiful physique. Burn excess fat and calories.
Class Times

Tuesday 9:15am

Wednesday 6:15am

Thursday 9:15am



An endorphin packed workout on a bike. Experience an exhilarating ride while pumping to music that bets your lets to pedal. A completely individual ride, that challenges your cardiovascular fitness.
Class Times

Tuesday 6:15am

Thursday 6:15am



A heart pumping class combining simple aerobic moves along with a variety of challenging toning exercises. Great for increasing fitness levels. Work at your own pace. A fun class for everyone.
Class Times

Friday 6:15am



Yoga is taught with an integrated approach from a traditional Indian yoga perspective, incorporating physical postures, breathing practice, meditation and relaxation. Classes are structured to be inclusive of all abilities and levels.
Class Times

Monday 10:30am

Tuesday 5:30pm


Cardio Pump

This high intensity weights and aerobic class will vary from week to week and will cater for all fitness levels.
Class Times

Wednesday 5:30pm - 6:30pm

Friday 9:15am - 10:15am


Gym Circuit

Viva Gym Circuit will be held in the weighs area of the main gym. The instructor will set a circuit using the machine weights, barbells, dumbbells and more.
Class Times

Wednesday 9:15am


Core Yoga

Our Core Yoga class will help you develop good posture and  confident you from the inside out. The class will include a combination of strength breathing, body awareness and relaxation exercises because a health centre is not just abut strong ab muscles. Poses are predominantly floor based with some standing and no big inversions. This class is suitable for all levels but please talk to your instructor if you have ay issues or questions.
Class Times

Wednesday 10:30am

Thursday 5:30pm

Please remember for health and safety reasons

  • Bring a drink bottle and towel to classes
  • Always wear appropriate footwear
  • Yoga
    • Bring your own mat and towel
    • No footwear in studio
  • Return all equipment to its storage area
  • Work within your limits
  • Please ask questions if in doubt
  • Spin – Booking Required